Our Team

Shari Burnett


Founder & Owner
Caliber Coaching

Life Coaching

Attending to the needs of adolescents, young adults and parents. Collaborating to build self esteem, confidence, motivation and healthy relationships.

Meagan Daniel


LPC Associate
Supervised by
Kimberly Weaster, BCBA


Learning strategies to help regulate our bodies and mind allows us to achieve greater things. We offer a collaborative approach including parents and children for effective counseling.

Samantha Sanchez


Founder Tree of Life
ABA Therapy

ABA therapy

Providing compassionate applied behavior analysis.
We ensure or heart-centered approach is naturalistic, collaborative, and resulting in meaningful progress for the learners.

Nicole Lee

M. Ed,

Founder & CEO


LearnLee empowers students to reach their fullest potential. We help students become confident to the core through accountability and self-advocacy.

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