About me

I was born and raised in Canada, and one of 11 kids. I moved to the United States 27 years ago when I was married. My husband and I have 4 kids and it has been an adventure ever since. We are a family that loves to travel, our favorite destinations are the beach and occasionally hit the mountains for some winter fun on the slopes!
My go to hobbies for fun and relaxation are working out, running, swimming, travel, gardening and spending time with my support network of family and friends.

As a person, I have experienced some life challenges that brought me to life coaching where I learned how to think, feel, and react in a more meaningful way. This shift in my mindset allowed me the space to respond to situations that presented conflict in a positive, productive way. I learned that cognitive awareness is crucial in how our minds perceive challenges, especially within our personal world.This is especially true when our thought process becomes a pool of negative thoughts, which can result in steering oneself in the wrong direction.

My lifes journey has predominantly centered around helping kids, my experiences have given me the opportunities to see how difficult it can be to steer through the sensitive stage of adolescents to young adult. This stage is where kids test boundaries and relationships at home, school and work. Attending to the needs of the child and supporting the parents is where my lifes work begins…every step of the way!

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