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When I was a teenager, the world looked a little different, but, the pressures of those teenage days I remember being just as confusing as they are today. I had no idea how to live up to the expectations placed upon me. Although I came from a stable, loving family and very large. There were 11 of us in all and always someone around to talk to. I still felt alone in my thoughts, talking to anyone was just not ideal. I knew I was loved, just misunderstood.

The world today presents an entirely different set of challenges, making the transtion from adolescent to young adult a vulnerable and sensitive stage. Peer pressure, competiveness in sports and academics, drugs, alcohol, and something I never had growing up was social media. The messages are loud and clear and take just seconds to reach the developing frontal lobe of our kids.

They are trying to “fit in” and seek validation from social circles causing a heightened awareness to the judemnents and labels placed upon them.

Lazy, stupid, unmotivated, depressed and ADHD to name a few.These are not labels, they are obstacles. This can be debilitating to the mindset of a teen and can result in conflicts within themselves, at home, school and work. They may begin to shurt down and shut out the people who care the most about them. Leaving them alone in their thoughts and feeling misunderstood. Our school systems do their best supporting our kids, sometimes this may not always be the best option. Having a title of Principle, Teacher,, Counselor or, Parent may restrict the space for honest conversation.

A parent wants the best for their child and recognizing when it maybe time to try something different is a difficult decision. I will provide a space for open, honest, confidential and non-judgemental conversation. A place where parents, teens and young adults can overcome obstacles. We will collaborate together tailoring a plan for small steps forward, setting tangible, manageabe goals for long term personal growth.

Please contact me if this sounds like a scenario you are familiar with to set up a free 20 minute phone consultation.


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